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Maximise the Value of your Business for a Successful Strategic Exit

London, UK (23/09/2010)

LONDON (FD Centre) Where does exit planning sit within your strategy?

The Issue
Think about it? Whether your business is based around generating an income or for building growth, have you thought about where you want to be in 3 years, 5 years or 10 years time? What new challenges do you seek for the future, personal or business? Getting your exit strategy in place is probably one of the most important aspects of an organisation's business model.
Where does your exit planning fit within your strategy?

The Solution
When you meet with an experienced part-time Finance Director from the FD Centre for a FREE Business Strategic Review, you will receive strategic planning advice including positioning the business for sale, guidance on how to find the right buyer as well as managing the sale process.
This free half-day consultation with one of our experts, (usually charged at £500) will improve the long-term value of your business.

The Result
With effective long-term planning and financial management, the value of your business is maximised for that potential sale and your ultimate goals are realised faster.

How the part-time FD can help:

  • define goals for strategic growth
  • improvements to business performance presentation
  • identify the business USPs to position the business for a potential sale
  • improve the value of the business as well as long term profitability
  • develop and strengthen the management team
  • negotiate with buyers and manage the implementation schedule


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