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Which qualifications should you be looking for in a bookkeeper?

London, UK (02/03/2009)

You have found your business needs the help of a professional bookkeeper and, after shopping around to find out who is best equipped to look after the finances of your business, you find yourself swamped by a list of bookkeepers that it is impossible to distinguish between. There are a lot of qualifications and suffix's out there but which one really counts for your needs?

Qualifications are important to distinguish a superior service from other services, especially in when it comes to your bookkeeping which forms the important the foundations of your accounts.

On top of this, in the financial management industry it is even more important that business owners confirm that their finances are being taken care of by a person who has a qualification that grants them membership to an appropriate regulatory institution to ensure your sensitive details are secure.

Therefore, when enquiring into a potential new service provider or with your current bookkeeper, it is essential to find out whether they possess the relevant qualification. Without knowing this, it is impossible to know whether the service you are being provided is being produced by a person who holds the skills and the knowledge to produce your books to the standard you require.

The relevant body in bookkeeping is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). It is very important that a bookkeeper is qualified by this body since they are the main regulators of standards in the industry.

In these hard times, it is more important than ever to ensure that the bookkeeper you choose will give you a superior service and have membership to a regulatory body that makes sure your sensitive details are protected. Without this, the extremely sensitive financial details of your business could be open to abuse.

The Local Bookkeeper ensures all their professionals will be qualified by and will have membership to the ICB. This assurance differentiates our superior bookkeepers and our exceptional service from our competitors giving clients the confidence that their financial affairs are in the hands of our trustworthy experts.

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