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How you can outsource the bookkeeping for your business

London, UK (06/05/2009)

Outsourcing your bookkeeping is a sensible option. Your time will be freed up so you can focus on running your business and you will have the reassurance that you are making business decisions based on the correct information and your documents and/or returns are correct when you file them with HM Revenue and Customs. The next big question is how do you know who you should be outsourcing your bookkeeping to?

You could place a job advert online, or in the local newspaper, or go down the route of a recruitment agency. Each one will supply you with a host of CV’s to enable you to conduct a series of interviews with a wide range of individuals. This could be infringing upon your time and without a good grasp of bookkeeping and accounting  knowledge, will you know what you are looking for?

 There are several questions you can ask to give you confidence that you are outsourcing to the right bookkeeper, e.g: 

•         How will you be sure that the bookkeeper’s service will be competent?

You could find someone who has been recommended to you by a friend or associate, this way you could ensure the service you receive will be acceptable. Or does the bookkeeper have qualifications, they might look right but does that necessarily mean they can do your work?

•         What will happen with cover when they are away or ill?

It is unacceptable for a customer to be left in the lurch when their  bookkeeper is away or that their work will not completed for this time. Your business never stops so why should your financial information be withheld from you?

 •         Do you want them to work onsite or offsite?

You will more than likely want the bookkeeper to work onsite, at least to start off with, in order to monitor what they are doing and build up your trust with them before you allow them to take your sensitive financial information offsite. How will you find a bookkeeper who is willing to give you that sort of flexibility?

 •         Will they be able to work with the software program you currently have in place and are happiest with?

Many bookkeepers have their own preferences when it comes to software programmes and will often try to persuade the client to transfer their data on to their system. This may make the work easier for them but will that detract from the control you have on over your books. Also, don’t allow them to persuade you that their program may be better for you, if you would like your books to be completed on a certain program then do not be afraid to say so.

•         Will that person become the ‘financial cornerstone’ you require in you business?

Your skills lie in your business which may not be in finance, so you should look for a professional bookkeeper who is not going to ‘just do the books’ and give them back to you. Instead you should seek an expert who will be able to sit down with you and educate you on your situation with
up-to-date information that will allow you to have true financial transparency; to make better and informed business decisions without having to spend your time on the accounts. You should be able to consult with them for financial advice whenever you require it.

More often than not, you will only need somebody part-time which can make the recruitment a little difficult. How will you contract the bookkeeper?  What is sensible pay for them? Does the bookkeeper give you the flexibility you require? These are just some of the questions you will have to find the answers to if you were not to outsource this bookkeeping position. 

 If you are outsourcing to a network of experienced and trustworthy financial professionals like those at The Local Bookkeeper, you will be equipped with a vetted, qualified professional who is part of a national brand of bookkeepers that you know you can rely on.

 You can be sure that you will be given a service that is reliable, trustworthy and consistent, with the flexibility to suit your every need and all at a competitive rate. Your time will then be freed up to
focus on the running of your business, where your true skills lie, whilst having peace of mind that your books are being taken care of by highly skilled, professional, bookkeepers.

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